Woodstock 1969 Site Plan Notes

Woodstock 1969 Site Plan Notes

The Festival Site Plan presented on the poster was devised primarily by examination of the following sources:

'Map to the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair Site' from Source #6, located at https://www.woodstock69.com/sitemap.htm - a/o 2023 this web site no longer exists.

'Original 1969 Woodstock Festival Picture' located at https://www.peacefence.com/woodstockfestival69map.htm - a/o 2023 this web site no longer exists.

The 'interactive touch screen map of the festival site' located at The Museum at Bethel Woods.

Additional details were culled from the Woodstock movie, as well as photos and descriptions of the festival presented on the web and in various books and magazines, some of which are indicated on the 'Reference Sources' page.

Features Designated on the Festival Site Plan on the Poster

A Art Festival Reportedly the original intention for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair was to present other artistic disciplines in addition to music. In the rush to assemble the Bethel site, the Art Festival was only partly implemented,.
FCFood/Concessions The primary food vendor and concessions area south of the stage and behind the primary audience is indicated. Additional vending and food distribution, e.g., by the Hog Farm, took place throughout the area.
FSFree Stage We are unaware of who performed on the Free Stage. There are reports that Joan Baez was performing on the free stage when she was informed that she had to perform on the main stage.
G Planned Main Gate The late transfer of the Festival site from its planned Wallkill location, in combination with adverse weather conditions prevented the construction of the Planned Main Gate.
H Helicopter Landing Area
HFHog Farm The Hog Farm, with famous Wavy Gravy, is/was a communal group, then in New Mexico. Taking on food, infrastructure, and security tasks, their renovated schoolbuses drove and parked near the location shown. A chartered plane brought the rest of the group.
I Information Booth Central location for rendezvousing with people and leaving messages.
M Medical Supplemented by Hog Farm members and others who counseled trippers through overwhelming drug experiences, medical personnel treated mostly minor injuries. There were few serious injuries and no violent incidents or injuries reported.
MCMovement City (Political Organizations) This space was allocated to political and social groups who wished to provide information and/or literature about their causes.
P Pay Telephones Like most of the infrastructure for the festival, pay phone cluster was installed temporarily and at the last minute...
PGPlayground The 'playground' was constructed at the festival site. One element was a giant rock that swung freely on a large rope suspended from a teepee-style tripod of large tree trunks.
PPPerformers' Pavilion The backstage area where performers and festival staff communed throughout the festival.
S Security Unarmed, and reportedly designated the "Please Force" by Wavy Gravy, many of the security personnel were off-duty NYC police officers. Forbidden to work security at the festival by NYC powers that be, many enlisted under assumed names.
SBSwimming/Bathing Filippini Pond was the closest substantial water body to the festival and was used for much rinsing/bathing/swimming. White Lake, about 2.5 miles east of the festival, also provided rejuvenative rinsing/bathing/swimming.
T Portable Toilets Located at various locations around the festival, it is not known whether they were all Port-O-San facilities. Reportedly the Port-O-San man, who appears in the film, was very upset with his inclusion, believing the treatment mocked him.